About Paula Williams, D. Min.

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For 35 years Paula worked with the Orchard Group, a church planting ministry in New York. For most of that time she was Chairman and CEO.  For 12 years she served as a weekly columnist and Editor-At-Large for Christian Standard magazine.   She was also a teaching pastor for two megachurches.  Those responsibilities ended when she transitioned to live as Paula.

With RLT Pathways http://rltpathways.com Paula provides individual pastoral counseling, ministerial coaching, church consultation and assistance with non-profit board development.  She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastor Care.

Paula is actively involved in OPEN, a ministry of progressive Evangelicals, and the Center for Progressive Renewal, a ministry of Convergence.  She is also an active member at Highlands Church in Denver, Colorado, where she leads their church planting team and preaches occasionally.

Paula is a runner, hiker, road and mountain biker.  Cathy and Paula have been blessed with three children and five granddaughters.  Cathy and Paula were together for over 40 years, and still enjoy a close relationship.

You may contact paula@rltpathways.com.  For pastoral counseling, you may call her at 516-658-3024.


20 thoughts on “About Paula Williams, D. Min.

  1. hi Paul
    My mom went to school with you and shared this article with me. Her name was Janet Jackson. My son is transgender so she thought your article was great and so do I.
    Just wanted to say great job!! It takes a strong person to come out, i am always so proud of my son for that! So glad to hear your wife is supportive. It is so important to have supportive family…..


  2. Paula, I have introduced myself to you in the past. I enjoy reading the last page of the CS . I do not pretend to understand transgender, with that I will say it is a truly wondering and pondering subject.
    I am so sorry that the majority of people would like to tar and feather you but I am not one. Our people of the Christian church and church of Christ are quick to judge until it comes to their neighborhood.
    Take care & I with others will be praying for you.
    Charlotte Burris


  3. I’m in hopes that being true to yourself — for the first time ever — outweighs the torture of hurtful comments from those of a different mind. The life you have lived, the good you have done, are not negated by the fact that people didn’t know everything about you. You have always been the same person. It is others who are different now, because they are now aware of your story. “Be nice, Paul.” Or rather, be kind to yourself, Paula.

    Julie (“Grandma Mac’s” daughter…)


  4. I have neglected to write to you, Paul, until now because my processing is so very incomplete. But I wanted you to know that I am praying for you, fervently. Not for anything in particular, as I have no words, no instructions for my God (as I so often do!). I have no understanding of transgender, of the loneliness you must have felt for most of your life, of the level of courage it took to come out. I have only the in between that I live with in so many areas of my faith, that require just my faith that God is good, and I am his. Carry on, warrior, to wherever God is taking you. With love, Diane Karchner


  5. I am praying for you Paul. God is good and HE knows,,, HE is mercyful and a Righteous judge , remember you are washed with HIS precious blood. I feel your pain,I understand God Bless.
    Virgil Vernon/ Churches of Christ


  6. You have always been one of the kindest, gentlest, most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling a friend while making my way throug this crazy journey we call life. There is nothing that will ever change that. Your generosity and uplifting attitude have touched so many. Your books are a go to for me whenever I am feeling down. Always make me smile. I am happy that you found the courage to be you. Paul or Paula ……irrelevant! I am praying for your continued happiness. Until we meet again….


  7. You have always been a special , and generous person . I hope your happy with the decision you have made and God bless you .please stop in again at Islip the next time you are in nyc


  8. I was at your workshop on Saturday night at the GCN conference. I was very impressed with your speech. I sure would like the outline and any information you can give me.


  9. Paula, I was a discouraged preacher in Bristol TN and you encouraged me over hot fudge cake at Shoneys. Thanks and I am praying for you. Gary Knapp


  10. Paula- in a recent sermon I quoted from your blog regarding bathrooms in the Charlotte Airport. Our little but mighty congregation in Bristol TN is the better for your life, work and words. Thank you for continuing to teach preachers like me.
    Rev. Heather Holland


  11. Hello Paula, I am delighted to have discovered your site. As a fellow traveller who needs to dress, is married with several children and grandchildren, spiritual, a bush walker and mountain biker I can probably understand some parts of your life, even if it is only how to repair a puncture.
    I wish you every blessing in your life journey as you be the person you are meant to be.
    Geraldine O’Brien


  12. Thank you, Paula, for sharing your story with our congregation this past Wednesday. I learned so much and am so convicted about wanting issues, relationships, life, etc. to have easy answers, but realizing that they don’t. I appreciate your humor, honesty, courage and willingness to invite us into the narrative of your journey.


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  14. I have just watched your talk at this year’s GCN Conference and was riveted. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. You also have an infectious sense of humour. I came out as a gay man in November 2011 at the age of 63 after living a lie for all my life. I have a close relationship with my ex-wife on a brother/sister level. I also have a partner, with whom I am currently staying in the Philippines. We are hoping to settle in the UK. My immediate family have found it difficult to accept me, and certainly my relationship with my partner. Now that the dark cloud has disappeared which used to hang over me, I am totally at peace with myself and have never been happier. God is love. Isn’t that a wonderful statement? When I am back home in Exeter, I go to Quaker meetings. I appreciate the “collective stillness”, which is so therapeutic that often I have fallen asleep. Thank you again for being you and for sharing God’s love. I wish you and your wife all the best, Bill.


  15. Paula, good for you for embracing and accepting your true self. I am early in transition, and reading your testimony around the web has brought me tears of joy. I am a Christian who loves the Lord and it has definitely been a struggle for me as I grow closer and closer to the moment where I am seen as female. I am not out to family yet, just a handful of friends. Thank you for your inspiration!


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