Paula Stone Williams – Keynote Speaker

Rev. Dr. Paula Stone Williams is a sought after speaker who over the last two years has been featured at over 100 events in 20 states and 20 media outlets.  She has been profiled in the New York Times, NPR’s Radiolab, the Denver Post, Huffington Post, Colorado Public Radio, New Scientist Magazine and Radio New Zealand.

Paula’s 2017 TEDXMileHigh talk, presented before 5,200 people at the Bellco Theater in Denver, received a standing ovation and has over 600,000 views on YouTube.  The talk about gender discrimination has been highly praised and was even tweeted by the comedian Amy Schumer.

If you would like to schedule Paula to speak at your event or be interviewed on your program, please contact her at

Paula’s Speaking Engagements and Interviews 2016-2018

Government & Corporate

Environmental Protection Agency                        Denver, CO

State of Oregon Employee Conference              Salem, OR

TEDxMileHigh Wonder Event                                 Denver, CO

Brooklyn Historical Society                                       Brooklyn, NY

TEDxMileHigh Walk 2 Connect                              Denver, CO

Rebel Pilgrim HERO Event                                         Cincinnati, OH

Bank of the West                                                              Denver, CO

Rebel Pilgrim LUCK Event                                          Cincinnati, OH

Media Outlets

Radiolab– NPR 5/18                                                         New York, NY

Colorado Public Radio– Colorado Matters           Denver, CO

Radio New Zealand5/18                                                 New Zealand

New York Times Feature Article – 06/18/17       New York, NY

Denver Post Feature – 06/11/17                               Denver, CO

Colorado Public Radio                                                      Denver, CO

New Scientist Magazine Feature – 4/18/18         London, UK

Huffington Post Feature – Spring 2016                  New York, NY

Huffington Post Blogger – 2016-2017                    New York, NY

TEDxMileHigh Wonder – 11/11/201                      Denver, CO

LifeTree Cafe Video                                                            Loveland, CO

Our WitnessAnd So It GoesChapter                     Cascade Books

Blog  –                               Lyons, CO

Holy Writ Podcast                                                             Minneapolis, MN

She Is Called Podcast                                                       Denver, CO

Brew Theology Podcast                                                  Denver, CO

Coffeepot Fellowship Podcast                                     Nashville, TN

The Changing Faith Podcast                                        Denver, CO

Non-Profit Conferences and Conventions

Mission Gathering Conference                               San Diego, CA

United Church of Christ State Conference      Concord, NH

Gay Christian Network Conference                     Houston, TX

Gay Christian Network Conference                     Pittsburgh, PA

Q Christian Fellowship Conference                     Denver, CO

OPEN Conference                                                          Minneapolis, MN

CPR Church Planting Meeting                                Nashville, TN

OPEN Conference                                                          Indianapolis, IN

Wild Goose Festival – 16                                             Hot Springs, NC

Our Witness Conference                                           Denver, CO

Wild Goose Festival – 17                                            Hot Springs, NC

She Is Called Conference                                           New York, NY

Wild Goose Festival – 18                                            Hot Springs, NC

She Is Called Conference                                           Denver, CO

Grafted Event                                                                   New York, NY

Union of Affirming Christians                                 Denver, CO

YHWH Conference                                                       Denver, CO

iAmClinic Conference                                                 Denver, CO 

LGBTQ Alliances

PFLAG National Conference                                   Nashville, TN

PFLAG National Conference                                   Portland, OR

Gender East Conference                                            Newark, NJ

PFLAG Charlotte                                                            Charlotte, NC

PFLAG Pittsburgh                                                          Pittsburgh, PA

PFLAG Orange County                                               Orange County, CA

PFLAG Greeley                                                                Greeley, CO

PFLAG Boulder County                                              Boulder, CO

Gender Identity Center of Colorado                   Denver, CO

Out Boulder                                                                        Boulder, CO

Highlands Conversations                                           Denver, CO

Schools, Colleges, Universities and Seminaries

University of Colorado at Boulder                         Boulder, CO

Nebraska Christian College                                       Omaha, NE

Milligan College                                                                 Elizabethton, TN

Christian Theological Seminary                               Indianapolis, IN

Seminary of the Southwest                                         Austin, TX

Union Theological Seminary                                      New York, NY

Chatfield High                                                                     Littleton, CO

Indiana University of Pennsylvania                        Indiana, PA

U of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine     Denver, CO


King of Glory Lutheran Church                               Loveland, CO

Trinity United Methodist Church                           Loveland, CO

Highlands Church                                                            Denver, CO

Denver Community Church                                      Denver, CO

Christ’s Church Cranbrook                                       Detroit, MI

Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship     Lafayette, CO

Sojourn Grace Collective                                            San Diego, CA

Missiongathering Christian Church                     San Diego, CA

Christ’s Church Portland                                            Portland, OR

First Christian Church                                                  Newport, KY

Eastlake Church                                                               Kirkland, WA

Montview Presbyterian Church                             Denver, CO

OneChurch                                                                          Chandler, AZ

Imaginarium                                                                        Nashville, TN

First Congregational Church                                    Boulder, CO

First Congregational Church                                    Greeley, CO

Left Hand Church                                                            Longmont, CO

Amazing Grace Church                                                Seattle, WA

DiSC Test Training and Utilization

PFLAG Boulder                                                                  Boulder, CO

OPEN Conference                                                           Indianapolis, IN

PFLAG Board                                                                      Longmont, CO

Denver Community Church                                       Denver, CO

Rock Creek Esthetics Institute                                 Superior, CO