42 Years

42 Years

I have not written much on this blog about Cathy, my spouse of 42 years. She has her own story to tell and she will tell it to whom she chooses. Knowing how intensely private she is, do not be surprised if you are not among the chosen.

Last night, almost exactly 42 years after our marriage ceremony began on a chilly rainy Long Island night, I wrote my feelings about Cathy on my Facebook page. I keep that page relatively quiet, so most of you will not have a chance to read it. I have decided to reproduce it here:

I may be the one who transitioned, but Cathryn Faust Williams, my closest companion on earth, is the one who has been transformed, drawing on a fierce inner wisdom, defying convention, becoming deeply spiritual (though delightfully not very religious), living a defiant nevertheless, bringing everything into question, but never losing hope in all that is good and redemptive and beautiful. 

Though our relationship has changed profoundly, my respect, admiration and love are more deeply rooted than ever. Thank you for joining me to create the most marvelous family on earth, for supporting me on this difficult journey, and for not giving up your own integrity and personhood in the process. 42 years ago tonight we began our journey on this road less traveled by, and having you as my companion has made all the difference.

And so it goes.

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