My TEDxMileHigh Video

My TEDxMileHigh Video

TEDxMileHigh has released the video from my talk at their Wonder event on November 11.  It was such an honor to be asked to speak.  If you’d like to watch, the link is here:


7 thoughts on “My TEDxMileHigh Video

  1. Thank you, Paula, for letting us be a part of that tremendous experience! Your presentation was absolutely captivating; I couldn’t believe it had ended. But more important, it was empowering to me! You have no idea the blessing you are to so many and the courage you impart to others!! God bless!


  2. Powerful and insightful, Paula! And the humor and graciousness with which you share your important, culture-challenging message provides that “spoonful of sugar” that makes this medicine that can help heal our world go down just a little easier, and be more readily heard by your listeners. Thank you for continuing to let your light shine!


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